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Acclaimed Director Roger Woodburn and his team of assistants explain how the RevolveR System works.....on wonderful, analogue Super 16mm.

A further explanation as to how the RevolveR works......on gorgeous 35mm.

Montage of shots from Netflix film, "What Happened to Monday?" Shots live recorded on Pan, Tilt, Track & Focus. Dialogue sequences used Timecode Trigger, (apologies for watermark).

Shot during the Cannes film festival. The talent was shot separately and joined together in post. Circular tracking using the 24' - 26' diameter Panavision track

Character multiplication on straight to circle track. 

Montage of shots for Washington Museum film. Soldier, boat, crowd multiplication. Delaware river shot; record pass shot in March, playback passes shot the following June.

Key frame generated move, (pan, tilt, track & focus) at 25fps. Playback passes at 1fps.

Live action moves on Pan, Tilt, Zoom Focus and Tracking multiplying Mark Ronson 4 times for music video

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