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Born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Ben's love for film and how it's made was forged on the sets of Bollywood movies, where his mother worked in the costume and art departments.

After graduating from university, Ben joined commercial production company Park Village, where he worked with acclaimed Director and VFX Jedi, Roger Woodburn, on many iconic and ground breaking commercials such as CBL "Dambusters," Road Safety "Kill Your Speed," Alka Seltzer "Lifeboat" Heineken "Shopping Trolleys" and many, many more. 

Since becoming a freelance Director/DP Ben has used his knowledge of the craft of the analogue age of film and negative to great effect, gaining a reputation for working ‘in camera.’


His passion for the technical aspects of the creative process means he always looks for the ‘in camera’ solution to achieve the desired outcome before moving to digital. Often combining both.


Ben is a partner of Jackson Woodburn Controls, Academy Award winning designers and manufacturers of control and remote systems for the film industry. Ben consults and shoots motion control photography.


Ben produces and directs across all platforms; commercials, content, corporate films, music videos and documentaries. 

Since 2021, Ben has begun working with UK's leading aerial cinematography suppliers; Marzano Films, Cineaero and Helicopter Girls.



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