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As it has been for so many others, I have found, particularly the third Lockdown, difficult. However, like many people, it has afforded me the opportunity to get more involved in my local community. Struck by the intense debate about our town centre, I decided to put my skills to use and interview as many local stakeholders as I could to help our community decide if we really do have something to worry about - and if so, what we should do about it. 


In the course of the project, I’ve interviewed people from across the political spectrum, spoken to many of our amazing local business people and tapped into some of the deep expertise we have in our community - which has included an Emeritus Professor of Social & Economic Geography! 


What I found is a town that is rightly proud of its history and what it is today - but also, I believe, rightly concerned about its future, and rightly fearful of complacency in the face of some very significant changes that we face, and more that are coming our way.


The project has been exhilarating - to discover such a vault of good will, resilience and optimism despite the extraordinary times we live in and the huge challenges we face, has been hugely life affirming.

Inspired by Danny Boyle's genre defining schlock horror zombie flick, "28 Days Later" - in May 2020, at the height of the first national Lockdown, we decided to try to recreate, shot for shot, the extraordinary opening sequence of the film. Both a homage to Boyle's 2002 masterpiece but also a record of the extraordinary period of history we all lived through. A deserted and empty London - unimaginable before the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Community film for a community project. Local artist Louisa Crispin explains the inspiration behind her FlightPath exhibition held at Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery before Christmas last year. Wasps are our friends!

Local independent coffee shop, Ottos, decided action speaks louder than words, one cup at a time. Over 5000 views within a week of the film being posted on their Insta account. 

Sculptor Tim Hollins exhibited several of his pieces at Kew Gardens. 

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